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What are the obvious advantages of solid-liquid separator?


Advanced nature: solid liquid separator has strong decontamination capability, no clogging and easy cleaning. The solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen and phosphorus removal rate of treated feces and urine water can be between 70 and 95%.

Durability: The frame, screen frame, screen mesh and other parts of solid-liquid separator are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion treatment. They are corrosion resistant, high strength and long service life.

Economy: solid liquid separator has high automation, low power consumption and low price. Easy to operate, just press the start stop button.

Practicability: Solid-liquid separator slag liquid separation speed, the water content of the separated fecal residue is between 50-60%, the slag yield and water content can be adjusted, suitable for different components of feed (such as grass and concentrate feed), easy to transport, its solid particles are very suitable for fish feed and organic fertilizer raw materials.

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