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Fico Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is located in 5 factories of Prosper King Bridge Logistics Park, 786 Wangqiao Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The company specializes in the replacement service of imported screw pump spare parts. All screw pump spare parts are provided by German, a well-known German manufacturer, with advanced technology and reliable quality. At the same time, WANGEN PUMPEN is officially authorized to designate a sales and technical support center in China, responsible for the sales and technical support of WANGEN PUMPEN in China.

Since its establishment in 2015, Fico Machinery and Electricity has steadily stepped forward and finally established a nationwide sales and technical service network. Fico Machinery and Electricity has extended its high-quality products, advanced technology and intimate services to environmental protection, biogas, food and beverage, paper making, textiles, cosmetics and other industries, for various working conditions, No. Provide solutions with production requirements in the environment. It has established cooperative development relationship with many famous enterprises at home and abroad.

Technical advantage

At the beginning of the founding of Fico Electronics, the company established the "adhere to the line of technology and service, customer-oriented business purpose". The company now has a number of professional teams, all employees are from the fluid industry, industry experience for more than 10 years, to create a "trusted fluid expert" service brand. Technological services include pre-sale technical support, whole pump and spare parts sales, on-site support, 7/24 hotline, online consulting and so on.

We can provide:

1) technology with special skills and characteristics.

2) preferential price

3) traceability, original products without any modifications.

4) professional technical communication and training services.

5) after-sale service and technical support after original training.

Sales and marketing

We not only sell products, but also promote advanced concepts. Fico Electronics esteems technology-based sales, service-driven performance, so that customers can safely use our products. The ultimate goal of expanding the market and promoting sales performance is to bring convenience to customers and solve problems for them. "Tolerance is great, no desire is just", long-term strategic planning and practical implementation, so that Fico machinery and electrical machinery in the complex competitive environment to maintain meaningful independence and continue to move forward.

Corporate culture

The company has always been under the guidance of the concept of "innovation, initiative, tolerance and happiness". Every employee is very clear about his position in the team. The perfect integration of individual behavior and collective interests constantly stimulates self-confidence and creativity. It has always been our pride to provide employees with a good working environment and broad development space.

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